Choosing a freight forwarder

At Arrow Egypt, we understand that a successful cargo transportation process is completed when the performance of all forwarding activities by individual participants takes place in a fixed sequence, order, and a mutually agreed way. The result should be a quality service offered at the lowest possible cost.

The successful freight forwarder:
  • Is the "brain" of the transport process due to their knowledge of transport market dynamics, client requirements and needs associated with specific goods.
  • Coordinates the implementation of the transport process.
  • Implements different modes of transport (sea, land, air), using a pool of specialized entities.
  • Influences and negotiates with individual actors in the supply chain.
  • Outsources subsequent activities to their partners, subcontractors, or possibly other freight forwarders who play a complementary role in relation to the main forwarder.
  • Strives to find the optimal solution for their client.

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